About Us


We have been in the community for over 10 years assisting our physician partners in achieving their financial goals in these ever changing times in the health care industry.


Let us help you take your practice to the next level by maximizing your insurance reimbursements!

 For each of our clients we create a team of medical billers who are dedicated to improving your practice's insurance payments by:

  • Processing your office's  medical billing quickly and efficiently
  • Promptly following up on rejected claims
  • Promptly billing patients for balance dues
  • Monitoring your A/R reports to be sure all claims are paid in order to reach your financial goals
  • Providing collections services 
  • Providing monthly financial reports
  • Meeting with you regularly to asses our performance
  • Accommodating your needs by establishing in-house billing if necessary
  • Assisting your front desk staff if needed
  • Implementing your office's insurance incentive payment programs including MACRA.
  • Being consultative to you and your office staff in maximizing your insurance reimbursements and your office's bottom line.  


Contact us today so that we can establish your dedicated team of coders and billers today!

Contact us for a phone consultation so that we can assess your medical billing needs.

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